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Rothenberg Company, a manufacturer of UPVC profiles at different levels and as an innovative and leading company in the UPVC profile industry, has been able to play a significant role in meeting the needs of contractors and building builders over the years and has received valid certifications from around the world as a successful company. Be present in global markets.
It has a complete product portfolio in which the variety of different window systems from sliding and hinged systems to the variety of colors and most importantly the principle of quality, which is the flagship of German companies, is an important distinguishing feature of Rothenberg.
In order to have an effective and strong presence in the Iranian market and due to the restrictions on importing profiles, we have partnered and cooperated with PANJERE ARYA Company with a history of more than 15 years of production in an area of ​​more than 25,000 square meters with advanced European equipment (Austrian MIT mixer – extruders Cincinnati) and the technical forces of production and quality control who, due to their high experience, strictly fulfill all the quality and control requirements of Rothenberg.

Our formula for success.


Constant product development and innovation are important to the success of both the Rothenberg group and its cooperation partners. We analyse current market requirements to create new products that satisfy the demand and meet our customers’ highest expectations. So it is no surprise to hear that our innovative power has been recognised, with Rothenberg being named one of the TOP100 most innovative SMEs in IRAN.


Our customers and partners are at the heart of everything we do. The company headquarters also maintains close partnership and cooperation with its many different production plants and sales offices all over the world. This enables it to make the most of synergies.


Rothenburg has managed to retain the positive attributes that are often attributed to SMEs. Flexibility remains one of our greatest strengths. Short communication channels and lean structures allow us to respond quickly to customer demands and market requirements.


“Compatibility” is the secret ingredient in Rothenburg’s recipe for success. But what does it actually mean? It means that all product ranges can be mixed and matched, making life a lot easier for window fabricators. The company’s owners, the Seitz family, have cultivated this philosophy right from the outset, making sure that each new product lives up to this vision.

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aregar St., Industrial Town No. 1 & 3, Sanandaj – IRAN
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