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Certified quality

What makes us innovative? Strong power for innovation, superior quality, plus outstanding energy efficiency and sustainability both for our products and our production systems. All of these claims have been substantiated with various certificates, awards and seals of approval. See for yourself.

Top innovator

Excellence guaranteed!

We have long been known as a leading innovator in the window industry. And rightly so, as our double TOP100 award shows!

This recognition of our innovative inspires our work for the future!

RAL-certified – of course!

Our window and door frame profiles are RAL certified and are subject to regular quality checks.
RAL Quality Marks identify products and services that are manufactured or provided according to high, precisely specified quality criteria and monitored on a regular basis by independent test institutes (SKZ, Süddeutsches Kunststoff-Zentrum and IFT, Institut für Fenstertechnik). By this means, permanent serviceability of our windows and doors are guaranteed to make sure that you will enjoy them for many years to come.

CE marking – what else!

The CE marking is a quality mark issued by the European Committee for Standardization “CEN”. The CE standard determines product properties and performance classes for windows and doors of all materials for the European market. It states the product’s conformity with the applicable European standards and guidelines, removes trade barriers and thus simplifies pan-European trade. Rothenburg windows and doors meet the CE requirements and are monitored on a regular basis by the test institute IFT.

ISO-9001 certificate – naturally!

Rothenburg GmbH has been ISO certified for over 20 years. Implementing this quality management system requires constant enhancement and improvement of processes and products, which is monitored on a regular basis by the British Standards Institution (BSI). Quality is our top priority – in all our sub-processes.

Recycling and environmental protection – A leading company

Our great advantage: PVC can be recycled and reused!
Protecting the environment and conserving resources is of utmost importance and indispensable these days. Rothenburg is part of Rewindo GmbH, whose aim is to achieve sustainable and responsible economic activity by maximizing the recycling quote.

Eco-balance – never in doubt

For us, certified quality also means having the eco-balance of our products checked by a neutral party. That is why we have had a European Product Declaration (EPD) drawn up by the Institute for Construction and the Environment in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804.

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