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Window and door systems by Rothenburg offer versatile design and functionality with outstanding U-values: semi or fully recessed, stops and gasket systems with classic square or round contours.

The product range is tailored to modern-day requirements and meets the highest demands when it comes to safety and energy efficiency. Thanks to the compatibility of its systems, Rothenburg  has a solution to everything – it can even meet passive house standard with ease.

With various laminations, you can really highlight your designs. Find out more about the wide array of colour options… And let your imagination run wild.

Design system energeto® 5000 view

energeto® 5000 view by Rothenburg combines the popular appearance of a covered sash with the benefits of a uPVC window: outstanding economic efficiency and excellent heat insulation. The frame can be almost completely for a sleek, clear appearance. “Less is more” is the core principle of modern architecture: Rothenburg has created a product that architects will love, opening up an array of opportunities in building design. And of course, our products are brought to perfection with the famous Rothenburg technologies. powerdur inside (fibre-reinforced profiles) and bonding inside (adhesive technology) render steel reinforcements unnecessary, and allow for excellent insulation values. Thermal insulation can be optimised even further with the optional technology foam inside. Having a Uf value of 0.95 W/m²K, the window reaches Uw values suitable for passive houses. With energeto® 5000 view, we are tapping into brand new market segments: Premium design is now available to the mass market.

Passive house certified: energeto® 8000 foam inside

The Rothenburg window system is the first complete PVC window system to receive the Dr. Feist passive house certificate. All kind of components have been tested in a variety of combinations: bonded Multifalz sashes, two false mullion profiles of different widths (142 mm and 162 mm), and different mullions, thresholds and transoms. By this means, not only different window types, but also patio doors, ceiling-high balcony doors, elements with mullions and bolts, semi-fixed and fixed glazed elements or operable elements are now certified to be passive house-compatible according to the Dr. Feist standard. Furthermore, the most common installation situations have been taken into account: walls with a thermal insulation composite system, wooden lightweight constructions, and concrete shuttering blocks. In addition, Dr. Benjamin Krick (Head of Component Certification at the Passive House Institute) included a new solution with slid-in window sill into the window calculations, alongside the standard window sill connections. According to Dr. Krick, the most impressive thing about the energeto® 8000 is the powerdur core which renders steel reinforcements unnecessary in common window sizes and, as a result, considerably improves thermal insulation.


Designs with colours and lamination

Windows are an important design element on a facade. Depending on the style of the building, they complement the design with understated or stand-out lines. The design process also involves the careful selection of colours, laminations and materials.

Planning and tender software

With a specially developed program, Rothenburg can help with:

Creating tender information

Preparing bid proposals

Automatically creating cut combinations for window and doors

Generating 3D images

Calculating isotherms

You don’t need any prior knowledge of CAD applications or specialist IT skills to use the program, guaranteeing quick and simple results.

The update function ensures you are always up-to-date. What’s more, the software comes with general documentation, such as maintenance and venting instructions, brochures, etc.

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