More light

Natural light to improve your standard of living

Our bodies are scientifically proven to need light. We all understand this. Everything just seems nicer when the sun is shining.
We also know that artificial light can never replace natural light. This makes large windows with narrow profiles all the more important!
Planning to build your own home? Then it’s high time to start thinking about the size of your windows and the profile width. Your health will thank you.

More natural light thanks to slimmer profiles

energeto® profiles are much narrower than conventional windows. How you benefit:

More natural light

Higher solar heat gains

Sleeker design

Energeto® 5000 view

More natural light with an exclusive design solution

With the design solution energeto® 5000 view, only a narrow frame is visible around the pane when viewed from the outside. This not only looks good, it also allows in the maximum amount of natural light. .

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