Create your own haven of peace and quiet!

Sound insulation

Silence has become a luxury.

However, it shouldn’t be a luxury, it’s essential. We need silence in order to unwind, switch off, and relax.

Noise has turned into one of the greatest problems in urban areas. Noise stresses our body, particularly as we cannot control whether, when and to what extent we are exposed to it.
Your home should be a haven of peace and calm where you can recharge your batteries. Create your own haven of peace and quiet – With soundproof windows by Rothenburg. You will feel and hear the difference – Or to put it better: you won’t hear a thing …

Enjoy more peace and quiet at home

Reduces noise by up to 47 decibels, i.e.:
Reduces noises from a major road to almost nothing

Up to noise isolation class V

Up to 62% better sound insulation than conventional windows

Did you know…

… Noise can be harmful to your health? According to a study by the WHO, people subjected to loud noises run a higher risk of developing a number of problems such as allergies, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure or migraines.

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