Rothenburg a leading innovator.

We develop pioneering window solutions for your window fitters. Our innovative technology provides heat insulation, safety and design at its best. As a result, we are opening the window to the future.

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And yet much more.

Warmth, comfort and safety for your home – In short: high- quality living. Your new Rothenburg windows do a lot more than you think!


A burglary takes place every four minutes in Iran. The majority of burglars get in through a window. They not only steal your money and valuables, they also rob you of your feeling of safety. Protect yourself and your loved ones from unwanted guests: The safety components in aluplast products provide top burglary protection in accordance with RC2 burglary resistance.


Warm, cosy plus low energy costs: Perfectly insulated windows keep warmth exactly where it is needed: inside your home!


Your home, your style! Whether you live in a Mediterranean villa, a country cottage or a modern home: Windows help you to make a statement.

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Rothenburg The best window in its class.


energeto® is a window without any metallic thermal bridges. All versions and construction depths in this range record impressive insulation figures, helping to actively reduce CO2, cut heating costs and, as a result, protect the environment. The steel reinforcements fitted in conventional windows is the weakest point in terms of thermal properties. Thanks to the “bonding inside” and “powderdur inside” technologies, we have made a huge contribution to energy efficiency.

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